Victims of VSC

In memory of our lost fur babies

This group is exclusively for pet parents who lost their fur baby due to VSC. There are MANY individuals/families who have come together to share their and their fur baby's story. The goal of this advocacy group is to create community awareness of the immoral and unethical antics and practices of VSC. We do not want another family to go through what we did. We do not want them to harm another pet ever again.

These pet parents are victims of malpractice, incompetence, manipulation/deceit, false promises, fraud, etc. All of these pet parents have been harassed and bullied by VSC and have received threatening letters from 3 different attorneys that represent VSC.

I have been targeted by VSC due to the fact that I reached out to pet parents and we exchanged our horror stories, I started this group, I peacefully protested outside VSC AND I shared my experience with VSC on online reviews. VSC has responded to this with retaliation, against me.

I found out that VSC wrote a false/phony complaint to IDFPR against MY professional license. They falsely and flat out LIED by stating I was "sending threatening letters." This is a total lie. If I did do what that are stating... why were the police never contacted? The investigator with IDFPR was amazing. He told me he dismissed the complaint immediately. The author of this false complaint was never a client of mine and their complaint had no merit.

I am currently working with an attorney who is helping me to hold them responsible and reprimanded for writing a complaint that was filled with pure lies to a government agency. I am 99.9% positive co-owner Mitch Robbins is the author of this bogus complaint. This REALLY shows their true colors and character. Do you really want to trust your fur baby with a man who is not only responsible for my Otis's passing but is trying to damage my career? This is not a good person. This is a person with no morals compass and no regard for anyone but himself.  This is a spiteful act by a man with horrible character.

So, be prepared-if you advocate about this hospital and it is in a negative light, be prepared for them to do anything they can think of to "get even." Sorry Mitch, yet again you tried to hurt me and yet again it did not work. I have and intend to continue to spread my story about their attempted retaliation. He lied to a government agency. This is a very serious offense.  I also would like to mention that Mitch Robbins was disciplined by IDFPR in 2003 for operating on the wrong leg of the patient. 

VSC and Mitch- You robbed my boy of his life. Losing Otis was and is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to me. So go ahead, keep trying to hurt me. It is not working! You already destroyed my family and shattered my heart. I will never go away. I will continue to advocate and expose the truths of your hospital for as long as I live. 

If you lost your fur baby due to VSC please considering joining our facebook group: 

Lastly, do not be fooled by their "positive reviews." If you go on their Yelp review page, scroll to the bottom. You will see "132 reviews that are not currently recommended." Read through them. Almost every single one is a negative review. Yelp denies this but companies can pay Yelp to filter out negative reviews and they go right into that folder. I personally know business owners who admit that they indeed pay Yelp to make the bad reviews "go away." If you read through you will see a pattern with these negative reviews. The truth and the reality of this hospital.

*Please! Do you research! Never blindly trust your vet! Your vet needs to earn your respect and trust.