Spanky's Law, Lies Bring Tears

Our pets' need Spanky’s law for their protection. If a vet keeps an animal overnight they must employ a vet to be in attendance for monitoring. I am advocating for a bill to be passed for mandatory inspections of vet hospitals/clinics. My Spanky was euthanized without my consent and then Spanky's murder was covered up by staff.

I brought Spnky in because she jumped off the stove and was limping, no x-rays done but did blood work, said she had a UTI and wanted her for fluids over night, this is how she went in and how after a few hours was handed rto us, wet, matted, teeth bit through her tongue and marks on her neck, also euthanasia on my bill, I never euthanize and they know it, there was a techs young kid in the sick room petting her.......beyond furious, much more to the story