Justice for Otis -and the beautiful souls lost-

He existed- He has a soul- He is loved- He is our family. Otis "Oatmeal" Sharon. 1/24/2010- 2/1/2020.

This page is dedicated to the memory of our beloved and cherished Otis. It is our mission to share Otis's story and advocate for the injustice and betrayal of former veterinarian hospital in which his life was brutally ended.

So what do we do at Justice for Otis you may ask. Justice for Otis -and the beautiful souls lost- was originally created to create community awareness of Veterinary Specialty Center about their unethical and immoral practices.

We soon realized this is a nationwide epidemic with these "bad actors" whether it was malpractice, incompetence, false advertising, price gouging, misrepresentation, etc. Since then Justice for Otis evolved to incorporate ALL the "bad actors" across the country.

Feel free to share your pets story and pictures (we have a memorial album). Feel free to join in on the dialogue! Just please be mindful of group rules. This group is also a celebration of our beloved pets' memory. We will continue to honor them and get them the justice that they so much deserve, We ARE their voices. Lastly, we are a family on here and only love will be shown! Thank you!


Please visit our website: www.justiceforotis.org

Please feel free to e-mail us at: contact@justiceforotis.org