Our Mission

Justice for Otis -and the beautiful souls lost- was created to share what two different veterinary hospitals did to our boy. Not only our boy but all the other beloved compaions. We are here to advocate and educate. We never want another family to go through what we did. 

It NEEDS to be aknowledged that there is an growing epidemic at alarming rates of misconduct by veterinarians. These are the veterinarians who practice while not honoring the oath they swore upon when becoming vets. These are veterinarians who have no moral compass. They lie, deceit and betray. Us pet parents are left to watch horrendous vets walk scot-free after committing malpractice, negligence, etc. It is unacceptable. 

"One of the principle precepts of medical and veterinary ethics is “do no harm”. This principle must be considered before initiating any veterinary intervention, such as surgery, physical or pharmaceutical treatment, or other procedure is undertaken. In some instances, doing nothing may be beneficial and in the best interest of the animal; in other circumstances, the lack of intervention itself may be harmful. Veterinarians and the veterinary healthcare team need to attain and maintain a high level of competency to be able to recognise, prevent, diagnose and appropriately treat and address conditions that may adversely affect their animal patients’ health and welfare needs, and thus the animals’ well being."

We have come to believe that veterinary malpractice is widespread, affecting untold numbers of pets. In many cases the pet owner never learns about the acts of malpractice, negligence or abuse visited upon their beloved animal friend. We accept the excuses given to us by vets about why our pet "didn't make it," the stories about unforseeable or unavoidable side effects, and any other information given to us by trusted veterinary professionals. Some pet owners come to realize with horror -- usually when it is too late -- that their pets have fallen victim to vet who was practicing bad medicine."