Joey's Legacy: Volume One Has Officially Been Released!!

Joey's Legacy: Seeking Truth And Integrity In Veterinary Medicine

An Introduction:

While most veterinarians are compassionate and caring professionals that live by the Veterinarian’s Oath every day, there is a minority (that is growing at alarming rates) that refuse to accept responsibility for negligent acts that cause permanent injury and death and who attempt to deflect responsibility onto others, including pet caregivers themselves. Find out what veterinarians must do to bring back the respect this profession once possessed.  In 2006 the vet field was ranked the #3 most admired/respected profession by a Gallup Survey. Today, the vet profession does not even make the list. Why? It is all in Joey's Legacy and finallythe book has been officially released!!! Joey's Legacy volume one is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble (online) and the author's website. The book is available in eBook format, as well as soft cover and hard cover. See the links for more information on book and to purchase:

**Scott Fine is the creator of Joey's Legacy. He has teamed up with best-selling author JL Robb to write a book on vet-mal. This is the first book of its kind. Included are our stories about what happened to our beloved pets. Thank you Scott and JL for making this happen! We are all so very excited!

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