Mutley's Story

Mutley’s Story My sweet dog Mutley died from what I believe was an overdose from a veterinarian that did not know anything about a very antiquated and dangerous drug called, Xylazine. It was used off label to sedate my 18 lb. Cockapoo, Mutley for a neuter surgery that never occurred. This drug is used for sedation of cattle, horses, and deer. He passed away within 15 minutes after I left him at the Waldorf Well pet clinic, run by a rescue group, called Last Chance Pet Rescue. I was not aware of this at the time. They called me and said they had lost my dog, I didn’t understand, then, Dr. Owoeye said he couldn’t save him. I was in total shock, numb, and screaming. I left to go to the clinic to see if they had made a mistake. His lifeless body lay on a table, I ran in unescorted to discover it was indeed true.

My world changed that moment FOREVER. I was sick, and in a dream like state. I have suffered every day since. The mental and physical trauma has disminished my quality of life. I lost my wellbeing, my happiness, my trust in veterinary medicine from that moment on April 8th, 2008. Mutley did not get to live his life, he was only 2 years old. They immediately told me they did nothing wrong and the veternarin had to get back to work. Their actions supported my belief that they overdosed my Mutley immediately. I didn’t know what or how to do anything. I had a necropsy to show he was a healthy young dog. It showed he was a healthy dog.

I wrote the Maryland veterinary board who just dismissed the case. I sued the veterinarian and the owner of the clinic. I provided an expert witness in veterinary anesthesia from the University of Virgina veterinary school with over 40 years of experience. It was her opinion that this drug killed my dog, because it was an old and very dangerous drug. I believe the veterinarian used it from a large undiluted bottle. I had the bottle tested by, Lloyds, the manufactor of the drug. It showed to not be contaminated. The veterinarins’s witness stated they always use this drug in other countries to sedate stray animals mostly cats for spay and neutered surgeries. They stated that they had never had any animall die from Xylzine ever. The FDA had a list of adverse reactions to this drug, that included death or horses, pigs, cows, deer, dogs and cats. In court Dr.

Owoeye, the veterinarian who administered the fatal dose, stated he used it for pain management. He used the drug because he, likes it, it was cheap, and also for analgesic properties. My expert witness stated it had no analgesic property whatsoever. I truly believe if my dog hadn’t been given this drug, he would still be alive. I was charged by the clinic for a surgery that never happened. I felt I was ignored, lied to and treated as if I were a criminal. No symoathy, just blame that I over fed my dog, and I was the reason he died. I am and will never be the same person I used to be. I miss my dog every day. This veterinarian still continues to work on animals. I hope I bring light to an ongoing problem and danger that we as pet owners face every day.

Mutley would have been 14 years now.