Mia's Story

My dog was over vaccinated as a puppy (I was unaware of the dangers of vaccines at the time) which resulted in severe allergies at 10 months old. I continued to take my dog to the same vet, where she continued to vaccinate her with useless non core vaccines. The last two vaccines caused my dog to start seizing. The vet admitted that since my dog had a compromised immune system, she probably shouldn't have gave her two at the same time. I brought my dog to a neurologist and he agreed that the vaccines brought on her seizures. Their response was that their investigation "did not disclose any violations."

To: The vet that killed my dog

When Mia took her last breath- Did you cry? Did you think about her family? Did you think about her siblings? Did you think about Oscar, or the other pets that you harmed? Did you think about the oath that you took? Did you think about your license? Did you think of a story to her family? Did you think about protecting yourself and your actions? Did you go on with your day, as if nothing happened? Did you think that I was going to go away?