Fancy's Story

My beautiful 11 yr old diabetic Himalayan cat was put to sleep Tuesday night up at Blue Pearl Hosp. Please don't take your cat to this place. They don't communicate well and there is no urgency in treating your cat. My cat hadn't eaten since the prev Wed morning and they knew that. A cat who doesn’t eat for more than 48 hours is at risk for developing hepatic lipidosis, also known as fatty liver disease, which can be fatal if left untreated. I had addressed my fear of this to them which they should have already known. They admitted her on Thursday morn at 3 am and I advised them I thought she might have pancreatitis. They sent her home the next afternoon with her only eating a small amount and without diagnosing what was wrong. I took her back Saturday evening when she still wouldn't eat and they just hooked her back up to an IV. She didn't get a feeding tube until late Sunday afternoon after an ultrasound that could have been done on Friday if someone had told me that's how they diagnose pancreatitis now. Then they couldn't start feeding her until 9 pm that night. Too little, too late. 108 hours after her last half way decent meal. Now in addition to the pancreatitis that took forever to be diagnosed due to lack of communication, her liver was now failing. I also asked if she was getting anything for pain and the Dr said no. I asked why and she said because "she didn't think she was in pain!" This wasn't about what she thought. Cats hide pain. A cat in pain will not eat or drink. She needed pain meds. Tuesday afternoon she started having trouble breathing and the Dr couldn't determine the cause. I googled it and it's a symptom of the pancreatitis. Why didn't she know that? Why wasn't a feeding tube done on Friday instead of sending her home when she still wasn't eating well and they hadn't diagnosed what was wrong? Why wasn't it done on Saturday when I brought her back? Why wasn't she given anything for pain? I trusted them to take care of her and they failed. Now I'm left with a HUGE vet bill and a dead cat and I feel like I let her down. Why should I have to insist on them doing procedures that they should know need to be done. I'm not a vet and that's what I'm paying them for and very well I might add. Don't ever assume someone knows what they are doing. The ER doctors that saw her and the 3 critical care Doctors that treated her were all incompetent. None of them showed any urgency in her case what so ever. I don't think they even care. It's just all about the money. When my son addressed his concern of what wasn't done with the Dr, she didn't want to discuss that. She just wanted to address her current condition and If we wanted to put her down. I don't know how they can sleep at night. I will never bring another one of my animals back to this hospital. My son and I are heart broken. She was his support cat. He is a quadriplegic in a power wheel chair and she was his everything. They had a bond like I have never seen before and probably never will never see again. It's going to take a long time to get over this if ever. I'm writing this review in hopes it will save someone else the heartache and financial stress that this has caused us. This is just unacceptable. We will always love you beautiful girl. You will live in our hearts and our memories forever. Rest in peace my sweet baby angel. Mamma tried to save you.