Joey's Story

It was in the summer of 2017 that we lost our shining star, the light in our lives…our boy Joey, to whom this book is dedicated. He didn’t die as a result of injury or natural causes, like the majority of his sisters and brothers. Joey was given a drug that was contraindicated for his condition. He was euthanized two days later. We quickly learned that there were pet companions that were permanently injured or died as a result of a veterinarian’s negligence, and so Joey’s Legacy was formed in October 2017.

For so many years, we were conditioned to believe that our pets were third-rate...worthless...mere property. And we believed it. We were convinced by the veterinary lobby that it made no sense to sue a veterinarian for negligence because any damage awards would be minimal. Attorneys shunned the idea of taking such cases. Those cases consume too much of their time for little to no compensation, they claimed. 

Fast forward to 2017, when Joey's Legacy was formed, and we decided to test that long-time disinformation campaign. We have demonstrated clearly, after 3 years, that the narrative that we followed for years was nothing more than an organized effort to protect unscrupulous veterinary practitioners. No member of Joey's Legacy ever received $100 in damages as a settlement. Many of the settlements our members have received would blow your mind. Many of them, far in excess of expended costs (what we are told we're entitled to). What does the excess represent?