Maddie's Story

 I wanted to share our story about Maddie. It’s a story about how we lost our Maddie. This is the story of our beautiful Madeleine (Maddie girl) we so affectionately called her. She had just turned 7 years old on June 8, 2018 . But four months later October 16, 2018 the Vet would give her a rabies vaccine and Cytopoint injection at the same time, I called it her death sentence. From November 13, 2018 till January 31, 2019 Maddie was at the vets weekly. Then February 1, 2019 after getting a blood transfusion we rushed her to Auburn Veterinary Hospital where she was in ICU for five of the twelve days she was there. They saved her and we got to bring her home on February 12, 2019. For months she regained her strength and weight, having lost four and half pounds when she was so sick prior to Auburn, and during her stay there. But by April 28, 2019 she went on her first walk. Oh how she loved to go on walks. However, almost a year to the day that she started with issues, her last week of life things started going wrong and the last side effect of the rabies vaccine would hit Maddie. She woke up paralyzed on her hind legs November 24, 2019. We had to put her to rest that next day Monday November 25, 2019 at only eight years and five months old. Maddie should never have been given that rabies vaccine, because the same vet did an allergy test on her May of 2018 and knew Maddie’s immune system was compromised due to allergies. The vile of the rabies vaccine says to administer to a healthy dog only. Maddie’s immune system was not healthy. Please titer your pets for a rabies vaccine and other vaccines. You might ask how I know it was the rabies vaccine that caused her to be so sick. During a meeting with that vet December 30, 2019 I asked her could these two shots together have caused Maddie to be so sick? Her exact words were, it wasn’t the Cytopoint injection if anything it was the rabies vaccine. In thirteen months she never admitted that to us, not once. She did however try to blame Maddie’s sickness on her genes. It was not Maddie’s genes it was her incompetence in not doing her homework and allowing Maddie to get any vaccines after that allergy test. I didn’t know that until after we lost Maddie because I knew something wasn’t right when that vet tried to say it was her genes. I researched and read and found out that Maddie should never have been vaccinated again. But now all I can do is try to teach others that vaccines are literally killing our pets slowly. Some right away and others the damage caused by over vaccinating is killing them slowly but it is. If you have never heard of a Titer test it’s a blood test to prove your baby has enough of the vaccines in their system and that they do not need to be revaccinated year after year. Some asked what do you do for boarding or for groomers? Not until we lost Maddie did I realize there are people we can find to watch our pets right in our homes. It took several interviews but we did find a great sitter. As for groomers speak up tell them your concerns because I did and our groomer said she understands how I feel. She herself does not vaccinate on her own pets. People our pets are family they do not live in a dog house in the back yard chained on a leach. They are our babies who some sleep with us. The days of the 50’s and 60’s are not the days of today. They are truly our babies. Think before you allow a vet to give your pet anything and always question everything, and I mean everything. I wish I had because it’s to late for our beautiful Maddie but not for our Gracie. She will never be vaccinated again. Not after losing our beautiful beloved Madeleine. Maddie’s mom missing her so much. 🙏🏻💗🐶😢 Remember when we know better we do better.