Napoleon’s Story

Dr. Feinmehl, cancer specialist, and part owner of the business, managed to make our last days with our wonderful cat utterly horrific. She hung up the phone on us after we questioned her treatment plan. She flat out refused to meet with us at every chemo session. We tried to call her back (we were admittedly upset) but she refused to speak with us. She then instructed her client representative, Heather, to fire us as clients. I reached out over the following weeks to attempt some sort of resolution, though she refused to return any calls. She merely offered to treat our cat for one more week (making it clear that she would not treat him further), and provided a list of alternative vets. My fear was that I would be unable to find a doctor to treat my cat given the time frame she set out. I am happy to report this was not the case. For those of us that truly love our pets and include them as members of our families, the prospect of losing them creates moments of painful anxiety. Now the doctors we have since encountered have no problem taking time to explain their treatment plans and meet with us every time we visit. I am so grateful to have compassionate veterinarians and a board-certified oncologist that managed our cat's care with creativity and solicitude. We certainly will miss Dr. Noonan, but are otherwise much better off detached from Dr. Feinmehl's toxic lack of emotional intelligence.