Our Mission

Justice for Otis -and the beautiful souls lost- was originally designed to create community awareness of a vet speciality hospital and their history of unethical and immoral practices. We soon realized this is a nationwide epidemic with these "bad actors." 

Whether it was malpractice, incompetence, false advertising, price gouging, misrepresentation, etc. the time has come to start the dialogue. It is time to spread the awareness and educate the general public on these "bad actors."

Since then Justice for Otis evolved to incorporate ALL the "bad actors" across the country. We have members nationwide and in other coutries as well. It is a global issue. 

We are NOT saying every vet is bad. However, the rise of the rotten apples is esculating. How many more of our pets must die?

Feel free to join in on the dialogue!  This group is also a celebration of our beloved pets' memory. We will continue to honor them and get them the justice that they so much deserve, We ARE their voices.

Below is a link to our Facebook and Twitter advocacy pages: