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Otis was a once in a lifetime dog. He was not just any ordinary pug, he was a super pug! Otis was so in love with life, he was the best little man ever. He loved his mommy, daddy, two younger brothers –Rajer and Max- his nana and her dog, Sabrina. But at the end of the day he was a mommy’s boy, we were two peas in a pod. We did everything together. I brought him to work with me. He went on all vacations with us. Otis was the best man at our wedding! He took his role very seriously! Otis traveled to more places than many people have! He was our “king of the castle” and he had just the right amount of mischievousness in him that was absolutely loveable and gave him quite the personality. You could never be mad at him! He was like a little old man! Otis brought smiles to everyone he encountered. We used to take him to pug parties in Chicago, and let’s just say, Otis was the one who got the party started! He was so full of life and made everything better. He loved his long walks, loved to cool down in the lake or river. He loved adventures, loved to smell, and smell some more. At bedtime he always was under the covers snuggled into me and I would fall asleep to his extremely loud and passionate snoring. I am so lucky to be his mommy.

We are completely heartbroken that Otis lost his life to  bad veterinarians. The pain is so unbearable, I would NEVER wish it upon anyone. For Otis, more than one vet failed him, so I refer to it as the “system” failed him. Otis was robbed his right to enjoy his senior years. We had so many more plans. Otis was a victim of vet-mal and negligence. What happened to Otis should NEVER happen to a living soul. Otis was innocent and had nothing but love to give. The veterinarians that are responsible did the unthinkable to him. They betrayed him and the Oath they swore upon becoming veterinarians.

These bad vets took advantage of us at our most vulernable and darkest hour. They did not care about our sweet Otis. He was just another number in a revolving door. They had no compassion their number one priority was compensation. 

The vet industry has changed, and it has changed for the worse. It has become corrupt, unethical, and immoral. Everyday I am meeting more and more pet parents who went through this Hell as we did. It is absolutely heartbreaking. 

It is now my mission in life to spread the word on the "dark side" of the veterinary industry. I will continue with my advocacy until I take my last breath on this Earth. I will make the public aware of what is really going on.

This just didn't happen to Otis - this has happened to THOUSANDS of pets. Through my advocacy I have met so many other advocate groups with the same mission. We have united. There is power and strength in numbers and we WILL be heard. I/we WILL NOT back down. We are not "scorned" pet parents or "cry babies" who are mad at our "bill" or anything of that nature. We blindly trusted you and look at what happened.

We are here to share with the world the current reality of the vet industry.  I DO believe there are good vets out there- however- they are over-shadowed by the bad. How many more pets must die until the vet industry is revamped and fixed at every level? The ENTIRE system is broken. 

The veterinary field is the LEAST regulated field and it appears the MOST protected! Our innocent pets are paying the ULTIMATE price.


Will you stand up for what is right?

Will you be the change we need in the vet world?

Will you be the voice of the voiceless?

Will you hold these bad vets accountable?


Keep checking in as every new blog discusses a specific issue related to the broken field of veterinary medicine that the public need to be made aware of!


This website is dedicated in the honor and memory of our beloved Otis and all our lost beloved fur babies. We will keep your memory alive forever. You did not die in vain. You are our heroes. We love you! We will never stop fighting for justice!